Staricon Ki-tan Staricon
Kanji: キーたん
Romaji: Kī-tan
Gender: Female
Hair color: Yellow
Eye color: Light Brown
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 39 kg
Bust Size: B cup
Zodiac God Statics
Zodiac God: Monkey
Rank: 9
Patron Location: Northern Kanto
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Occupation: Eto-shin
Affiliation: Zodiac Gods
Anime Debut: Episode 1
Seiyu: Megumi Toda

Ki-tan (キーたん?) is a supporting character in the Etotama series. She is the Zodiac of the Monkey and ranked as number 9.

Appearance Edit

Ki-tan is a young short girl with short, yellow hair, with a piece standing up. Her hair is usually tied up into a ponytail at the side with a pink flower. She has light-brown amberish eyes and fair skin as well two monkey ears and a tail.

Her clothes consist of a yellow crop top surrounded by a black stripe at the bottom and a yellow skirt with some short black leggings and a pair of black uggs with red fur to finish the look off.

Personality Edit

Kii-tan and Inu-tan. share very similar personalities. Outgoing, playful and mischievous. Often times thinking and saying the same thing.

She has a more playful and cheerful personality than Inu-tan as well as being the voice of reason for the pair on serious matters.

Relationships Edit

Inu-tan Edit

Ki-tan and Inu-tan share a close bond that is on par with twins. They are rarely if even seen apart and just as rarely ever argue with one another. They will often times say the same thing and in unison as well as give the same emotional expression.

Nyaa-tan Edit

Nyaa-tan and Ki-tan have a good relationship. She is indifferent about Nyaa-tan becoming a zodiacs and (Together with Inu-tan) was willing to give away her sol/lull seal, in trade for food.

Appearances Edit

Pretty Mode Edit

Character 11 img pretty In her pretty mode, Ki-tan has a monkey-hat. She has the same clothing as her original one. However, in her battle-form, she has brown leggings instead of black ones.

Manga Edit

ETM Cha10 Ki-tan's appearance in the manga is the same as in the anime.

Trivia Edit

  • She loves bananas.
  • Ki-tan's name comes from the noise a monkey makes which is "Kikii" in Japanese, 'Ki' is just a shorter version for it.
  • Inu-tan and Ktan teamed up with Nyaa-tan to fight against Shima-tan in an official EMT12 match.