The Beauty of Flowers, Bird Steps, and Moon
Kanji 花鳥歩月
Romaji Kachō hogetsu
Japanese Air Date

June 4, 2015

Opening Retry Rendezvous
Ending blue moment
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An Equestrian Fit for a Cat Eternal Pervert

The Beauty of Flowers, Bird Steps, and Moon (花鳥歩月 Kachō hogetsu?) is the ninth episode of the Etotama anime series. It first aired at 4th June, 2015 in Japan.


Piyo-tan is angry when Nyaa-tan ridicules her beloved hobby, shogi. Nyaa-tan gets cocky and challenges her to a Sol/Lull Seal battle, and Piyo-tan chooses the battle method... but Nyaa-tan has no idea what the rules are, so she begs Takeru to train her!



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Important EventsEdit

  • Nyaa-tan gets Piyo-tan's Sol/Lull seal after Nyaa-tan won their battle, but due Piyo-tan taking 3 steps after the battle, she forgot.

Miscellaneous TriviaEdit

  • Piyo-tan said when she plays shogi, she feels empty (in a good way) and can be herself.
  • Piyo-tan said if Nyaa-tan beats her on shogi, she will give her Sol/Lull seal;
    • So Nyaa-tan begs Takeru to teach her, and he agrees.
  • Nyaa-tan got much better at Shogi.


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