An Equestrian Fit for a Cat
Kanji 一騎当猫
Romaji Ikkitōsen no neko
Japanese Air Date

May 28, 2015

Opening Retry Rendezvous
Ending blue moment
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A Long, Serpentine Fate The Beauty of Flowers, Bird Steps, and Moon

An Equestrian Fit for a Cat (一騎当猫 Ikkitōsen no neko?) is the eight episode of the Etotama anime series. It first aired at 28th May, 2015 in Japan.


It's time once again for the annual Takamagahara Commemorative Maid Café Eto Manager's Cup! Uma-tan is determined to breathe new life into this event of the Eto realm that has steadily lost popularity, but Nyaa-tan's intrusion throws the race into chaos!



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Important EventsEdit

  • All the Eto-shins and Eto-musume (except Chu-tan) had a race.
  • Nyaa-tan won the race.

Miscellaneous TriviaEdit

  • After they saw that the manager could heal things and grants wishes, every Eto-shin and Eto-musume wish for something:
    • Mei-tan wish for to Takeru to kiss her.
    • Piyo-tan wished that she would't forget after taking three steps.
    • Mo-tan wished that she can be with Nyaa-tan and cuddle with her.
    • Inu-tan and Ki-tan wished that they could eat what they like the most: Bone and bananas.
    • Shima-tan and Dora-tan wished that Nyaa-tan would call them 'master'.
    • Uri-tan wished for having a bath in sesame oil.
    • Shaa-tan wished for having a toad as a pet.
  • Uri-tan died and got revived again.


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