Eto In Full Bloom
Kanji 花鳥歩月
Romaji Eto ryōran
Japanese Air Date

June 25, 2015

Opening Retry Rendezvous
Ending blue moment
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Eto In Full Bloom (干支繚乱 Eto ryōran?) is the twelfth and final episode of the Etotama anime series. It first aired at 25th June, 2015 in Japan.




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  • In the last scene, after the credits, it is shown a girl with a cloth standing in a desert, which turns out to be Nyaa-tan, and it then shown a mini Mo-tan coming out from the cloth, and it ends with Nyaa-tan saying ''Have a battle with me!''

Important EventsEdit

  • Nyaa-tan and Chu-tan have their battle, and Nyaa-tan takes Chu-tan's Etotama and repair and purify it, since it's her technique, and they makes up. Chu-tan said that she was lonely because Nyaa-tan wasn't there and always traveled alot.
  • Takeru Sol/Lull then appeared when he said when he would respect Chu-tan, because Nyaa-tan does the same, and then, Chu-tan got all the darkness away from her and her suite and rat hat became white, instead of the original color, purple and black, making Chu-tan nice and friendly again.

Miscellaneous TriviaEdit

  • It is also revealed that Nyaa-tan also mastered Kagura Senguu, just for Chu-tan.
  • Chu-tan didn't give her Sol/Lull seal to Nyaa-tan, because she did something that she couldn't undo (killing Mo-tan), which means Nyaa-tan can't become a part of the zodiac.
  • It is also revelaed that Mo-tan was always living in Chu-tan's Etotama since her Etotama touched Chu-tan and they were connected a tiny bit. Chu-tan and Nyaa-tan's love made Mo-tan reincarnated as a ''Sol/Lull seal''.


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