Eternal Pervert
Kanji 花鳥歩月
Romaji Kachō hogetsu
Japanese Air Date

June 11, 2015

Opening Retry Rendezvous
Ending blue moment
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The Beauty of Flowers, Bird Steps, and Moon Cat/Rat Shuffle

Eternal Pervert (永久変態 Towa Hentai?) is the tenth episode of the Etotama anime series. It first aired at 11th June, 2015 in Japan.


Mo-tan is still chasing Nyaa-tan around everywhere. Apparently, her love stems from a memory the two of them shared long ago. Meanwhile, Chu-tan is on the move in her mission to destroy Nyaa-tan... so Mo-tan rises to defend Nyaa-tan.



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Important EventsEdit

  • Nyaa-tan got Uri-tan's Sol/Lull seal.
  • Mo-tan and Chu-tan meet and have a battle, but Mo-tan ends up losing and destroying her Etotama. After the battle, Mo-tan was still alive, but just when Chu-tan was about to kill Mo-tan, Mo-tan put a spell or something on her, so both Chu-tan and Mo-tan perished.
  • While having the battle, Chu-tan said that she is going to use a secret technique on her, called ''Kagura Senguu'', which is a forbidden ritual that only gods can perform.
    • Chu-tan then said that she had Nyaa-tan's Etotama in her hand, but Nyaa-tan's Etotama was injured, by Etotama Kagura Senguu. And that's why Nyaa-tan retained parts of her memories, and ended up with amnesia.

Miscellaneous TriviaEdit

  • It is revealed that in the past (before Nyaa-tan's amnesia) Mo-tan and Nyaa-tan talked, and Mo-tan was standing in front of a grave of her family. Mo-tan talked about she misses her human family, and how she wanted to make them more happy and be with them more, but Nyaa-tan told her that if she wants people to smile, she needs to smile more herself, and Nyaa-tan also said that she will be her family. And after that, according to Mo-tan was a proposal, and thus making Mo-tan attached to Nyaa-tan.


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