The Eto-shins

The Eto-shin

Eto-musume are animals possessing "Etotama;" the spirits of the Chinese zodiac; who can transform into even purer maiden forms via Sol/Lull. The highest Eto-musume are called Eto-shin, and the rest are simply called Eto-musume.

Eto-shin Edit

Eto-shin is the highest zodiac, which has 12 animal figures who represent the 12 regions of the Japanese home islands.

Etotama Edit

For the manga and anime series Etotama, view Etotama.

Etotama (えとたま<?) is an Eto-musume's core; a crystallization of the feelings and imaginations of humans. Provided her Etotama is intact, an Eto-musume may be reincarnated.

Eto-musume tranformations Edit

Eto-musume can take three forms: Adult mode is how they appear under normal circumstances, Pretty mode allows then to use Sol/Lull more easily and Natural mode is their animal form.