ETM12 has begun

The ETM12 is a divine ritual. It was once called the Eto-shin Selection Festival, but is now called "ETM12" as a shortened form of "Eto-musume 12."

Zodiac Precepts Edit

Zodiac Precepts are laws created for the divine ritual of the Eto-shin Selection Festival (ETM12). All participating Eto-musume must agree to them as they are the tournament rules. The ETM12 Executive Committee administers them.

Power of State Edit

All divine precepts are established by the Conference of Gods, held by ETM12 Executive Committee of members chosen by the many gods, and must be obeyed by all Eto-musume.

The Divine Ritual Edit

The Eto-shin Selection Festival (ETM 12) is a divine ritual in which all an Eto-musume invokes her right to issue an inescapable challenge to an Eto-shin, initiating a battle with a Sol/Lull at stake.

The Time Edit

The Eto-shin Selection Festival (ETM 12) is held for a sixty day period every sixty years in accordance with the sexagenary cycle: with the goal of revitalizing Sol/Lull in the God's realm, the Eto realm, and the human realm.

Qualifications Edit

The conference of Gods select 108 eto-musume and 12 Eto-shin to participate in the Eto-shin Seletion Festival (ETM12), granting them Sol/Lull seals as proof of their qualification.

Battle Procedure Edit

Immediately after and Eto-musume invokes her right to issue an inescapable challange to an Eto-shin, and accepts the Eto-shin's conditions for victory, the battle for the Sol/Lull begins.

Prohibitions Edit

If a Sol/Lull seal battle is approved, the Eto-shin determines the conditions for victory. Any falsehood, impropriety or danger to humans is forbidden.

Allowances Edit

In a Sol/Lull seal battle or setting of conditions of victory, any Eto-musume or Eto-shin may receive any sort of help from a human, as long there is no danger to the human.

Continuance Edit

If an Eto-shin loses a Sol/Lull Seal battle, her Sol/Lull seal will be transferred to the Eto-musume who defeated her. The Eto-shin may continue to participate in the ETM12 with a new Sol/Lull seal.

Revocation Edit

An Eto-musume who loses a Sol/Lull seal battle against a Eto-shin will lose her own Sol/Lull seal, and her right to participate in the current ETM12 will be revoked.

Transferral Edit

An Eto-shin may give her Sol/Lull seal to anyone whose skills she deems worthy; regardless of whether they battle. The recipient may then give the Sol/Lull seal to another, as well.

Ending Edit

The ETM12 ends when any of the following conditions are are met: an Eto-musume collects all twelve Eto-shin's Sol/Lull seals, all 108 Eto-musume are defeated, or the sixty-day period reaches it's end.

Promotion Edit

If an Eto-musume collects all Sol/Lull seal from all the Eto-shin, she will be promoted to a Eto-shin. The newly promoted Eto-shin earns the right to demote one Eto-shin to Eto-musume.

Precepts Edit

The Zodiac Precepts protects the chaste souls of the Eto and govern the ETM12. Any Eto-musume who violates the Precepts will be judged by the Conference of Gods.